Saturday, 30 April 2011

Andalusia by Charline.


Welcome to Andalusia !

If you want a relaxing holiday, visit the most beautiful beaches, and participate at the best spanish parties
Go to Andalusia!

Part of Spain's most popular,
You can't get bored with all activities :

Andalusian horse:

Feria of seville

And Monuments: 

 Seville Cathedral, the largest  in the world.        Havre of peace.


 Gardens of Alcazar.

Place of spain.                                              Alcazar palace.
Seville Arenas for Corrida.

With friends, family, or lovers,
Andalusia is for you !

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Rome by Morgane R.

Rome (in Italian Roma), is the capital of Italy since 1871. It is in the region of Latium, in the centre of the country. With 2 722 907 inhabitants sets up on 1 285 km ² (4 103 250 inhabitants with the agglomerate in 2009), Rome is the most populated and the most vast municipality of Italy; its urban area is less important than those of Milan and Naples.
He has a Mediterranean climate.
Rome is the third tourist destination the most visited in Europe and in the first ten in the world.

The Coliseum
The forum

Rome has a history which stretched over more than two thousand five hundred years. It was the centre of Roman Empire. It occupies a very important place in Christianity and provides the seat of the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican City, where there is the pope.
Its centre is of Renaissance and baroque style. The historic centre of Rome is dominated by seven hills: Aventin, Caelius, Capitol, Esquilin, Palatine, Quirinal and Viminal. The Tiber crosses the city in the direction of the South. The antique city was surrounded by wall. Because of its very ancient history, Rome is a city very rich in monuments, museums and points of view. This city has an enormous Architectural heritage.
The city centre is classified since 1980 in the world heritage of the humanity of the UNESCO.

A fountains of Rome
The Pantheon

The basilaca St Pierre
If you are going to visit Rome, you must absolutely see the procession of Roman antiques, the Pantheon, the Coliseum, the forum etc.
There are lot’s of things to see like the Palatine mount, the basilica saint Pierre, the splendid fountains of Rome, the Vatican city, the Borghese gallery where you can see the work of the biggest Italian painters, the catacombs etc.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Morgane R's review on "The king's speech"

"The King's Speech" is a British movie realized by Tom Hooper in 2010. It last 118 minutes. It is a history, biography and drama film staring by Colin Firth in the leading role of "Berthie". It is based on the true story of King George VI. 
The others actors are:
      - Geoffrey Rush : "Lionel Logue" 
      - Helena Bonham Carter : "Elizabeth"
      - Guy Pearce : "David"
      - Michael Gambon : "King George V"
      - Derek Jacobi : " Cosmo Lang, Archbishop of Canterbury"
      - Timothy Spall : "Winston Churchill"

 This movie takes place in England about 1936.
Berthie, the King George V's son, was stammer. He tried to fight against his disease but no therapist managed to help him. After the death of his father, his brother David was crowned King Edward VIII. But David was in love of a divorced woman so he could not marry her. He decided to give up his function to lives with her. Then the scandalous abdication of his brother, Berthie was suddenly crowned King George VI of England. His country was in the brink of war and desperatly needs a leader. His wife, Elizabeth, the future Queen Mother, took him to an eccentric speech therapist, Lionel Logue. After a rough start, They delve into an unorthodox course of treatement et became closes friends. With the support of his family, Lionel, Winston Churchill and his governement, he overcomed his stammer and deliver a radio- adress that inspires his people and unites them in battle.

My opinion:
As for me, this movie is very interesting because it is the real stories of the Kings of England. Moreover, in this film, we do not see the life of the Kings but the men and it is very touching. I had a lot of compassion for this brave man who fighting against his handicap with the support of his wife, his daughters and Logue.

Sunday, 10 April 2011


It's soun the vocation but you don't know where going, chose ZÜRICH, a city where the life is good.
ZÜRICH is a SWISS's almmanic city with 365 000 inhabitant. His official language is the german and it's  the largest city in SWISS. This city has splendid landscapes and lot of culture,monuments, activity..

 You can to visiting ZÜRICH in bus ,in boat and in cable car to seeing in altitude the city and the lake with the splendid view.
Photo Zurich : paysage

ZÜRICH is founded by ROMANS and she was a customs for ROMANS.
In middle age, ZÜRICH become a city monk , cultural and économic.
Today ZÜRICH has became one of the best city on the world.


At ZÜRICH, there is many activity. If you like the adventure, you can doing with the mountain and cliff the bungee jumping or the climbing.
If you want to do the endurence sports, you can doing the gigathlon.
You can too playing foot-ball, hiking , winter sports and ice hockey .

Activités Loisirs Escalade avec Le Club Alençonnais d'escaladefrance-hockey-glace

ZÜRICH is too a city rich in culture, you can seeing the splendid architecture, paintings and sculpture.
There are too films festivals,cinema and théatre, monuments and lot of custom.

Zurich, 2007

Thursday, 7 April 2011

New-York by kény

New York

New York is the city which it is necessary to visit. It is a city of tourist because there are many things has to visit such as the biggest and the most beautiful street in the world :

In this city, it see a lot of modern skycrappers with very ad.
The day, this street is a business street and the night there are a lot of colors: it is really beautiful. It is ideal to make a shopping.

New York is composed of five districts:

Manhattan is the most tourist district and the richest. It is situated in the center of New York.

 Bronx: The bronx is the district most in the north of the city of New York.

Brooklyn: Brooklyn Bridge .The most populated district

Queens: It is the biggest district.


Staten Island

Also, New York has the statue the most known in the world. She is placed in the entrance of the city. She means the American dream:


It is one of the most beautiful wonder of the world
It is ideal to take photograph and visit ( especially for tourists)
She shows that New York is a modern city

But there is an one of the biggest building of New York after the world trade center:

Empire State building

Finally, I propose you of stayed in a beautiful hotel of New York such as New Yorker Hotel:

Now you can go to discover this beautiful city and realized your American dream
Good journey!!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Miami by Marie G.

Miami, the city of the dream !

On the beach or in the business centers, Miami is THE city which includes all the desires of each and each. Fashion, music, literature and cultural places are present there to make the happiness of all.

With an average temperature of 25°C, Miami will be to satisfy you by its constant heat everything the year.

Situated in the South of the Florida, this city promises you sun and suntan . Thanks to these numerous cultural places, she also assures you new knowledge and numerous discoveries.

If you want to travel and to be satisfied of your holidays, Miami is for you !

Seoul by Brandon


Seoul is the capital and the principal city of Korea. It's in the north-west.

The money that they use is the won. (1 dollar is about 1 000 won)
In 18 before Christ, Baekje's kingdom founded his capital, Wiryeseong, which is estimated that she became Seoul. We thing that the first inhabitants lived along the Han River during the paleolithic age. With the bronze introduction to 700 yearss before Christ, humans gradually dispersed river to inland regions.
There are 10 356 000 inhabitants in 605 km² of area. They speak Korean. Their national party is 3rd October. The time difference is 8 hours from Paris. Seoul's climate is like in New York, by hot summer and humidity, winter which can be rough.

Winter in Seoul
Summer in Seoul
Lots of transports are available to travel in the city. Seoul has got 9 subway, 200 bus and 6 major highways.

Seoul's station

The old site of National University of Seoul is become the chestnut park.

The chestnut park
There are about 100 museums in Seoul, including 3 national museums: the Korean museum, the folk museum and the palace museum in Gyeongbokgung.

Gyeongbokgung palace.

Come in Seoul to visit, there are lots of beautiful landscape, monuments to see!
See you Later!